CoinDeal provides very useful API, which allows you to automate the trading on our exchange platform. Pairs of keys generated after 18.03.2020 also have the functionality of ordering withdrawals via API. In order to withdraw crypto through API you need to first add your crypto address as trusted via user interface in your wallet - withdrawals history table.

Withdrawal API doc

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How to use CoinDeal API:

  • make sure your account is fully verified
  • click button “Create new pair of keys” to generate your keys
  • write down your private key
  • follow the instructions from API documentation


Type of Authorization:

Basic Auth

Basic base64_encode(username:password)


username = public key

password = private key

Example of encoded authorization header:

Key: Authorization

Value: Basic NzY5YTyho0mItMmJlOC00YjYzLW52jk09sFhZmU0MjYyYmU3Mw==

If you have any questions about CoinDeal API, contact our support team.


80 requests per second per one IP

* Use only official API not the backend one used by the website - you will be banned if you will abuse this API

Public Data:

  • WebSocket API documentation:


  • Ticker:

Endpoint: /ticker

Method: GET

Example: https://coinmarketcap.coindeal.com/api/v1/ticker

Description: This function provides public tick data. This information offers high level overview of the current statistics of all markets available at Coindeal exchange.


Field Data type Description
id integer id of currency pair
last string latest transaction in last 24 hours
lowestAsk string lowest offer of Sell within 24h
highestBid string highest offer of Buy within 24h
percentChange string calculation based on first and last transaction in last 24 hours
baseVolume string volume of trades in base currency
quoteVolume string volume of trades in quote currency
isFrozen string not defined, the value of this fields is set to 0
high24hr string highest transaction in last 24 hours
low24hr string lowest transaction in last 24 hours

On success it returns array with status code 200

On error it returns empty array with status code 500

Sample response