Affiliate program

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Terms and Conditions of the Affiliate Program

  1. Under our affiliate program you will be able to earn cryptocurrencies out of every transaction of selling/buying/trading made by a user who registered using your affiliate link.
  2. Your commission will be equal to 20% of the fee that we charge for transaction (as per Table of Fees and Commissions on our website)
  3. Your commission will be paid out in the same cryptocurrency that the fee for transaction was charged.
  4. Commission earned for last month will be withdrawn at the beginning of next month into your wallets on our exchange.
  5. While distributing your affiliate link, please remember that our website does not tolerate unethical procedures, let alone those that are against the law. It is not allowed to use dishonest or misleading promotion; to spam - including sending unwanted messages or posting the links on websites not subject-related or not meant to store such links; to add hidden iframe elements on websites in order to gain more users.
  6. Compromising the terms and conditions of our website or the affiliate program will result in immediate termination of your affiliate privileges and may even lead to having your account removed from our exchange.
  7. Your commission will be collected and paid out from each transaction made by a user who registered using your affiliate link, as long as this link remains actively used. If after three months from last user's registration via your affiliate link, no new user registers (and completes the verification), your right to commissions from all previous users will expire.
  8. All financial obligations related to the taxation of your affiliate commissions are your own responsibility